Artist Profile

Helpful information about setting up your artist profile.
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Where do I upload my songs/videos?

You can add songs and videos under your artist profile. Add the complete link to your music or videos. The venue, music promoter or record label will go directly to your link to listen or view. Be sure to validate your links work.

What makes a great Artist Profile?

Your artist profile is your resume. The better you make yourself look, the better chances you have of getting a gig, promo or record label interest. Be brief but thorough in your artist bio. Highlight the impressive parts of your career. What if you’re just getting started and you really do...

Can I have multiple artist profiles?

Each account comes with one artist profile. You can however add multiple songs and videos to pitch with. Submit your appropriate song for what the venue, promoter or record label is asking for. Each submission will be linked to your artist profile. The venue/promorter/label will see the la...