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General questions and answers for GigFaster.
10 articles

How long does it take to hear back after submitting my music?

This varies greatly but usually it's with 10 days. It can take anywhere from 1 to 30 days.

Are custom responses guaranteed?

There are no guarantees of a custom response. More importantly, it is very important that you submit your very best material and that you continue to take the feedback and improve your product (you/your music). Most companies get dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of submissions per month.

How does a music submission pitch work?

When you pitch your music to a venue, music promoter or record label we submit your music to the respective company. The first pitch happens within 24 hours. We monitor the pitch and update your account if the company replies. As long as the company hasn't responded we continue to reach out u...

How much commission do you take when I get a gig?

We take absolutely ZERO commissions when you book a gig. Our service is submitting to the companies on your behalf.

Do I have to take the gig when offered?

No. The terms of each gig is between you and the venue. Remember - music is a business. When negotiating make it a win-win for both sides if possible. We recommend accepting as many gigs as possible. The more exposure the better for you.

Will you represent my band as a booking agent?

We do not currently offer that service. GigFaster is designed so that you can book gigs without the need of a booking agent.

Do the Venues/Music Promoters/Record Labels charge fees?

For the most part no. You will need to negotiate on a per company basis. There are some companies however that offer fee-based services. It's your choice to use them or not. GigFaster does not make any money on the services of other companies. We get paid for the service of submitting you...

I have a question. How can I contact support?

Click the “Contact Us” link in the top right corner to submit your question. Support tickets are usually answered within the hour on normal business days and within a few hours on the weekends.

Do I have to pay to submit a pitch every time I want to submit a pitch?

Our monthly plans include a certain number of submissions per plan. Each month your submission credits will be reloaded. Here are the current submissions per plan (as of 10/28/2019): BASIC - 12 submissions credits per month PRO - 30 submissions credits per month PREMIUM - 100 submissions credits per mon...

Do I lose my submission credits if I change plans?

No, you will not lose any submission credits that you have left in your account.. If you have any outstanding submission credits they will be added to the new plan that you choose. For example, Let's say you have a BASIC Plan and have 5 submission credits remaining. You decide to upgrade...