Do I have to pay to submit a pitch every time I want to submit a pitch?

Our monthly plans include a certain number of submissions per plan. Each month your submission credits will be reloaded.

Here are the current submissions per plan (as of 10/28/2019):

BASIC - 12 submissions credits per month
PRO - 30 submissions credits per month
PREMIUM - 100 submissions credits per month

You can update your plan at any time. When you change your plan the new plan you will be charged immediately for the plan and it will start immediately. You will get the submission credits instantly and you will be billed for that plan at that time. You old plan will be cancelled simultaneously.

For example,

Let's say you are on the BASIC Plan and you've used all of your submission credits.

You can get more credits by upgrading to the PRO Plan.

Your BASIC Plan will be cancelled and your PRO Plan will begin immediately.

You will get your PRO Plan submissions credits immediately as well.